If you love nature, probably you like gardens. Walking in a garden is a nice way to enjoy your day and learn. The world has a lot of gardens where you can appreciate beautiful and interesting types of flowers and trees. At some gardens, you can also entertain yourself by observing some animals and insects that you will probably find there. And then, you will go back home with a lot of stories to tell.

If you want to know what is blooming prior to your visit to a garden, you can check it on its garden’s website. Most of the gardens keep their website updated with this type of information.

I hope you enjoy to learn about some gardens and Embark On Your Happiness. 😉

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Descanso Gardens, a museum of living collections

Descanso Gardens is a beautiful place where you can have a great time appreciating its botanic collections and animals like birds, squirrels, reptiles, amphibians, and insects.  Although I have read about the possibility to find some mule deer, bobcats or bear, I have not seen any of them there. But, if …